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Improving low barrier access to
high quality food

The Free Market Project supports individuals and families by improving equitable access to quality food and promoting fresh, nutritious and locally-produced options. 

Run by volunteers every Tuesday on the Acorn Cafe patio from 12-5pm, the Free Market features a seasonal produce stand and year-round pantry stocked with food and personal care items, offered free of charge to neighbors who self-report as needing them. 


This is a community effort that depends on donations from businesses and individuals! Grocery donations are much appreciated, but must be unopened, unexpired and shelf stable. Non-perishable donations are accepted at the cafe during all business hours: Wednesday through Sunday 10AM-5PM.


We are also collecting donations of fresh produce in partnership with the Lane County Farmer's Market - stop by the Info Booth to donate produce purchased at the Farmer's Market, and we'll redistribute it through the Free Market Project!


You can learn more about how to contribute here,

or view a full list of donation requests below. 


Beverages (shelf-stable only!): Bottled water, juice boxes, boxed milk, Gatorade and Pedialyte, hot cocoa packets, instant coffee, tea bags

Snack bars, protein bars and trail mix

Nut butter and jelly (plastic containers are generally preferred over glass)

Ramen noodles, oatmeal packets, or anything cooked with just hot water

Fruit cups and applesauce

Canned food (Fruit, vegetables, soups, spaghetti sauce, etc. - "pop tops" are preferred to cans requiring a can opener)

Microwaveable or easy stovetop meals, like macaroni & cheese

Cereal and shelf-stable boxed milk

Tortillas and crackers

Baby food (squeezable pouches are preferred to glass jars) 

Pantry staples (especially cooking oil, also baking mixes, flour, sugar, beans, rice, pasta, etc.)

Perishable Produce, accepted ONLY at the Lane County Farmers Market info booth and only purchased directly from a Farmer's Market vendor (no home grown produce, as directed by the Health Dept.)

Personal Care

Can openers

Pet food (unopened)

Band-Aids / First Aid supplies

Period products

Diapers (all sizes, baby and adult)

Personal hygiene wipes


Hand warmers

Face masks


"I visit the Market for ready to eat food and face masks!"

Donation Request List
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